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Gallivanting ‘grassers weave tales of wander

The World — The troubadour. The minstrel. The wandering musician peddling tunes from town to town, sharing tales old and new.

It is the age-old story of the touring musician, and it is very much the story of Chris Jones and the Night Drivers. The group is set to release the aptly named Made To Move, (Mountain Home Music Company) on February 10, 2017; a distinctive offering from a truly global band of troubadours.

“I claim three or four home states and one home Canadian province,” Jones notes. “Our band has members scattered all over the continent, and we travel the world playing music together.”

In addition to the itinerant Jones, the Night Drivers include Jon Weisberger, who made his way to Tennessee from Ohio and has traversed the globe as a touring musician; Virginia native Gina Clowes; and Mark Stoffel, who makes his home in Southern Illinois by way of his native Germany. Stoffel recently took the oath of US citizenship.

Like the complex individuals who comprise this talented group, the songs on Made To Move are multi-faceted: an intelligent and introspective blend of the traditional, contemporary, meaningful, and provocative. There are songs of hardship and hope, songs that inspire and captivate, and yes, even a Bluegrass love song that weaves a tale without ending in someone’s untimely end.

Staying true to the strengths that make The Night Drivers both original and tenacious, eight of the twelve tracks are written by the band.

“Gone like a lone freight train rumbling through the night. Gone like a big jet plane trailing out of sight. Gone just like yesterday’s news.” These are the opening lines to the album’s lead off song “All the Ways I’m Gone” (Jones/Weisberger). Then comes “The Wanderer,” which takes the path of the journeyman; a path that is part contemplation, part pilgrimage. “On my way to God’s great kingdom. Grateful for the road ahead, grateful for the miles that I have come.” This is the wanderer.

The group offers a new take on the very traditional “Dark Hollow” with a skillful, mid-track modulation. “Raindrops Fell” and “Living Without” are from the pen of bandleader, singer, and guitarist Chris Jones. They both speak of love lost but not forgotten with musical moods varying from the melancholy to the upbeat. There are four new songs from Jones and bass player Jon Weisberger, showcasing the diverse lyrical and melodic range of the dynamic writing duo that has contributed to every CJND release.

From the drive of “Range Road 53” to the Gospel number “Sleeping Through the Storm,” and on to the broody but vocally powerful “Silent Goodbye,” each number contributes to a significant and well-rounded album. The inclusion of “What the Heck?!” by Mark Stoffel (mando/vocals) and “Last Frost” by vocalist and banjo powerhouse Gina Clowes demonstrates excellence and creativity in the musicianship of CJND.

Even among touring musicians, there is something unique about the continual journey of Chris Jones and the Night Drivers. Four distinct personalities who bring a variety of experiences and influences to a common place. Four distinct personalities who bring a variety of experiences and influences to a common place. Movement, change, coming together and saying farewell, making the most of time together with meaningful ideas … this is the soul of the band and the spirit in which four minstrels offer Made To Move.

Chris Jones and the Night Drivers
Made To Move
February 10, 2017
Mountain Home Music Company

All The Ways I’m Gone
I’m A Wanderer
Dark Hollow
Range Road 53
Raindrops Fell
Living Without
You Always Come Back (To Hurting Me)
Last Frost
Silent Goodbye
Sleeping Through The Storm
The Old Bell
What The Heck?!

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Darin and Brooke Aldridge Continue Their Journey With FASTER & FARTHER Fri, 02 Dec 2016 16:33:40 +0000
New CD On Mountain Home Music Due In Stores On February 10

Arden, NC (December 2, 2016) – Mountain Home Music Company announces new music from acclaimed husband/wife Bluegrass duo Darin and Brooke Aldridge. FASTER AND FARTHER, their sixth CD for the label, is due in stores on February 10. The first single is now available on iTunes with your pre-order purchase. Fans can enjoy a “sneak peek” studio video below.

Darin and Brooke continue their musical journey as they drive forward with this ground-breaking new collection. “Kingdom Come,” the lead-off track, sets an edgier tone for the album and declares the band’s musical mission. This gas-up-and-go song is powered by Brooke’s turbo-charged vocal and launched by the guitar work of the song’s writer and one of the album’s iconic special guests, Pat Flynn.

While not a thematic album, FASTER AND FARTHER uses natural landmarks as metaphors for the heart and presents an inspiring project from masters of the genre. “Mountains Of Mississippi” spotlights the undeniable power of Brooke’s vocal command complimented by guest vocalist and Country Music Hall of Famer, Vince Gill. “This River” is an impressionistic spiritual ballad with Darin on lead vocal.  “Cumberland Plateau,” written by John Cowan and Darrell Scott, syncs three-part harmony into a longing for heart and home. Cowan brings his bass groove and trademark vocal to several cuts, including “Lila” from his days with New Grass Revival. “Fit For A King” is one of several Gospel music inclusions that are an important part of the band’s heart.

Track List

  1. Kingdom Come (P. Flynn)
  2. Fit For A King (C. Jackson, J. Rushing)
  3. Highway Of Heartache (C. Jackson, J. Rushing)
  4. This River (J. Cowan, D. Lowery)
  5. Someday Soon (I. Tyson)
  6. Mountains In Mississippi (L. Shaffer, D. Duff, J. Fleenor)
  7. Eugene And Diane (C. Jackson)
  8. Lila (P. Flynn)
  9. Still Falling (L. Shaffer, D. Duff)
  10. Sacred Lamb (Traditional)
  11. Cumberland Plateau (J. Cowan, J.D. Scott)
  12. Heaven Just Got Sweeter For You (J. Salley, D. Wilkinson)


ABOUT Darin and Brooke

Husband and wife duo Darin and Brooke Aldridge hail from North Carolina and bring a touch of the hills to their rich harmonies and impeccable musicianship. Their distinctive sound has made them one of the hottest acts in acoustic music today. They have graced the top of the Americana/Roots, SiriusXM, Bluegrass and Gospel charts, received multiple nominations from the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA),the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA) and Inspirational Country Music (ICM). The two have appeared on PBS, Great American Gospel, The Bluegrass Road, Presley’s Country Jubilee, RFD-TV, Rural-TV, Daystar Network, Blue Highways TV, Song of the Mountains and Music City Roots to fan and critical acclaim. Their previous CD, the still-popular SNAPSHOTS, debuted at the #8 spot on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums Chart and generated the engaging “Tennessee Flat Top Box” video that was featured on CMT, CMT Edge, GAC, Bluegrass Ridge TV and The Bluegrass Situation.



Martha E. Moore / so much MOORE media

Mountain Home Music Company
Ty Gilpin

Booking and Management:
Brian Smith
Leadership Artists, LLC

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Balsam Range is Casting Acoustic Spells with Their Sixth Album Mountain Voodoo Due out on November 11 on Mountain Home Music Company Sun, 25 Sep 2016 13:59:17 +0000 Asheville, NC — Balsam Range’s assent to the top of the Bluegrass world has left a well-marked trail of success since the band’s inception in 2007. One of the genre’s most award winning artists in recent years garnering ten International Bluegrass Music Association Awards to date with five critically acclaimed albums, Balsam Range has put on live performances across the nation, including multiple Grand Old Opry appearances that have left audiences spellbound. Nominated for three International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Awards (Entertainer, Vocal Group, and Vocalist of the Year) for 2016, Balsam Range is offering something that is sure to continue to mesmerize fans of Bluegrass and beyond with their new release Mountain Voodoo, due out November 11 on Mountain Home. Mountain Voodoo is like the book of life “Chapter Six” for Balsam Range; 13-tracks filled with songs of journey, home, sense of place, hardcore stomping drive, and longing. There are fiery instrumental parts alternating with heavy, deep ballads overlaid by the vocal harmonies the group has become known for.

Balsam Range is Buddy Melton (Fiddle, Lead and Tenor Vocals), Darren Nicholson (Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Lead Vocals, Baritone and Low Tenor Vocals), Dr. Marc Pruett (Banjo), Tim Surrett (Bass, Dobro, Baritone and Lead Vocals), and Caleb Smith (Guitar, Lead & Baritone Vocals). The five original members are all acoustic musicians and singers from North Carolina and they thoughtfully and respectfully adopted the name of a majestic range of mountains that surrounds part of their home county of Haywood, NC where the Smokies meet the Blue Ridge, the Balsam Range.
Picturing the story of Mountain Voodoo…Imagine yourself, if you can, high up on a ridge in the mountains of North Carolina at midnight under a full moon, looking through the smoky nighttime haze at the surrounding ridges all covered in Balsam firs. It’s a scene of life engulfed in strong but muted tones, crisp air, bubbling springs, and the power of uncertain mystery. The springs carry the mystery down and down, feeding the creeks and streams that feed the ponds and the small farms, and the small towns and the people in them, and the works they create by day.

Then, somehow imagine that there is a soundtrack to all this – to all the old tales, lives lived, and even the scenery itself. It sounds like adventure glimpsing into the unknown, but remembering family and friends and always wanting to return home. Yes, there’s a dualistic nature about it, but the story always finishes with the pull of the mountains, the people, and the places.

This environment, this background, and this living culture is the backdrop that chooses the songs and creates the rhythms and styles, that voices the vocals and fingers the strings, that casts acoustic spells on every audience every time. When Balsam Range performs, a joyous magical mysterious musical mist enchants the audience as well as the band. Buddy, Caleb, Darren, Marc, and Tim become the messengers and the crowd is transported to that place. This is what is Balsam Range—this is Mountain Voodoo.

The mystical deep jam of “Voodoo Doll” is a fun creative twist on the age-old tale of broken hearted love loss and the attempt of passing one’s heartache off on mystical curses rather than accepting reality. Written by Jeb Anderson many years ago, the band has wanted to record it for a long time, after Melton first heard it performed by a dear friend and fellow artist known as “Tall Paul”. It is not your typical bluegrass song; It could just as easily be performed by a rock band.
There are multiple songs written by Balsam Range “staff writer” Milan Miller, including the catchy opening track, “Something ‘Bout That Suitcase,” which Miller penned along with Beth Husband. Buddy Melton, a longtime fan of lyrics that make you think, and IBMA Vocalist of the Year nominee for 2016, asks, “How many times have you seen a stranger traveling through life and wondered, what is their story? Where are they going? What has brought them to this place? We all have and it’s that curiosity and interest in other people that brings society together. Maybe it’s the human inherent caring spirit that defines us most or at least gives us hope for humanity. ‘Suitcase’ is a song we can all relate to and one that will at least have you looking around the airport terminal with curiosity the next time you fly the friendly skies.”

“Blue Collar Dreams” is a working class anthem, written by Aaron Bibelhauser, it had all the elements for Balsam Range to transform it into a great bluegrass song to comfort the frustrations of working for the hard-to-attain American Dream. From the first note of the mandolin kick off you realize quickly that things are going to get tense but in a good way.

“Eldorado Blue” is a story of finding oneself and recognizing contentment in life is something we can all stand to do; whether it means moving away or staying in what may seem an unlikely location to achieve it, is a blessing. “The Girl From The Highlands” is another journey song inspired by Miller’s travels through the Highlands years ago and the stories of many Scottish Highlanders who traveled to the US for work but often couldn’t afford to bring family along. Balsam Range spices it up with Tony Rice styled vocals and Caleb’s guitar licks which capture that same vibe and groove.

Mountain Voodoo is thematic of life in Western North Carolina, from the haunting and lonesome “I Hear the Mountains”, to the Honky Tonk of “Hello Heartache,” to the rip-roaring banjo-led “Chain Gang Blues,” to the sacred and soothing “Rise and Shine,” and Gospel-inspired and powerful “Wish You Were Here.”

Balsam Range fills the air with traditional, yet contemporary sounds, things that are new, yet still somehow familiar. Mountain Voodoo is a follow up to the band’s fifth album, Five (2014), which made its Billboard Chart debut at #4 and remained on the Billboard chart for 12 weeks. The album excelled on the Bluegrass Unlimited National Airplay Album Chart, spending 5 consecutive months at #1 with seven #1 songs, earning the group the 2015 IBMA Awards for Vocal Group of the Year and Song of the Year for “Moon Over Memphis.”
Elements of jazz, country, gospel, swing, and old-time music are all infused into the fresh sound of this unique Southern band. It’s five distinct personalities creating one remarkable musical experience. It’s the award-winning Balsam Range and they are excited to bring Mountain Voodoo to the world this year.

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Kristin Scott Benson’s New Release – Stringworks Mon, 22 Aug 2016 14:45:04 +0000

Award-winning banjo player shares a new musical snapshot, available JULY 22, 2016 from Mountain Home Music Company

Nashville, TENN — Stringworks is the newest release from Kristin Scott Benson, four-time winner of the IBMA Instrumental Performer of the Year Award for Banjo. As a member of the three-time Grammy-nominated group, the Grascals, Benson has proven herself a polished artisan of complex compositions.

The new solo project is a mosaic of original instrumentals that may be called progressive, and the classic driving Bluegrass style for which she has become known as a member of the multi-award winning Grascals.

“I’ve always thought of a solo project as a musical snapshot,” Kristin says. “It shows how you’ve grown and reflects your musical interests at the time. My last banjo record was called Second Season and was released in 2009, so it is certainly time for a new snapshot.”

The musical textures and song arrangements on Stringworks display new angles to the banjo instrument. Benson is joined by a who’s who of award-winning players; Cody Kilby (guitar), Tim Surrett (bass), Jim VanCleve and Adam Haynes (fiddle), and husband, Wayne Benson (mandolin). Each of these top flight musicians brings polish and flavor to the project.

“I think every player enjoys the chance to feature instrumentals, particularly originals,” Kristin says. “Band albums may have one, but a solo record gives you the chance to do as many as you want.”

Benson wrote four of the instrumentals on Stringworks, included a never-before-recorded original from banjo great, Bill Emerson, and as she did on her earlier solo efforts, chose one standard.

“I think the six instrumentals are a nice cross-section of what I like,” she says. “Some of the tunes have different feels, melodies and arrangements, while some are straight-ahead bluegrass.”

Each song is a unique piece of art; six instrumentals and six vocal tunes. The pastoral “When Fall Comes to New England” features one of the foremost female vocalists in Bluegrass, Claire Lynch. A powerful original Gospel tune, “You Gotta Climb Over the Cross,” is sung by Shawn Lane of Blue Highway. The lead off track, “Great Waterton,” is an exciting showcase for Benson and her accompanying musicians, brimming with prowess for heady music. In juxtaposition is the traditional, yet equally impressive style, of the classic “Foggy Mountain Top.”

An all-star cast of additional guest vocalists includes Chris Jones, Mickey Harris and Grant Williams.Kristin Grascals bandmates, Terry Eldredge and John Bryan, lend their talents as well.

“I made the decision to record six vocal songs because, as a banjo player, what really drives me is melody and the nature of a song…the message it conveys,” Kristin explains. “Pairing material that is special to me with ideal vocalists is a privilege, and I love being a part of that process.”

Kristin Scott Benson is a master of her craft, an artist who paints a new picture for banjo-focused music. When she met with Mickey Gamble and Tim Surrett of Mountain Home Music about the project, a key point was Kristin’s desire for the CD to have a musical identity separate from the sound of the Grascals.Kristin wanted to share something different and show something of her own musical identity.

“One of the things I admired about the Grascals before I joined the band (in 2008) was that they had an identity. There was a definite style that reflected the tastes of the band members and I’ve enjoyed becoming a part of that style and sound,” Kristin says. “Every band I’ve ever been in has sounded quite different, so I’ve adapted and tried to be an asset, while preserving what’s already there. The culmination of different influences is what defines a band; that’s special and there’s no replacing it. With a solo project, however, you handpick material and personnel that reflect your own ideas. The individuality that is revealed is the most important reason for a solo project.”

Indeed, Stringworks offers a powerful sense of where Kristin Scott Benson is musically. There is a taste of instrumental depth and diversity that fans may not have heard from her before.

“I hope that people enjoy the album as a whole, get a sense for the vocal material that I’m drawn to, and the kinds of tunes I like to write,” Kristin says. “I hope they’re excited by some of the songs and moved by others. In short, I just hope they learn something new about me and like what they hear.”

Stringworks (Mountain Home Music Company) is available July 22, 2016.


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Travel HARLAN ROAD With Kentucky Bluegrassers NewTown – New CD In Stores Friday Wed, 06 Jul 2016 15:03:48 +0000 IBMA Emerging Artist Candidate For Nomination To

Headline Busy Bird Festival July 9

Nashville, TN (July 6, 2016) – Kentucky Bluegrassers NewTown are enjoying a busy week as their new CD, HARLAN ROAD, hits stores Friday, July 8, and the IBMA Emerging Artist candidate for nomination headlines the popular Busy Bird Festival on July 9.  The disc’s title track premiered on Bluegrass Today last month to rave reviews.

John Lawless of Bluegrass Today calls their sound “hard-edged contemporary Bluegrass, modern yet still representing the traditions of their Kentucky roots.”  Rick Moore of Music News Austin notes the disc’s “excellent singing and playing drive home the authenticity of the lyrics to some fine story songs.”

Produced by multi-Grammy Award winner Barry Bales, the 11-track outing is on the Mountain Home Music Company label.  Filled with tales of the “everyman,” HARLAN ROAD is available for pre-order now on iTunes and includes three instant downloads upon purchase.

The Lexington-based band is fronted by award-winning fiddler Kati Penn and her husband, Jr. Williams, a respected banjo player; both mesmerizing vocalists.  The disc “covers all the hoped-for territory while also expanding all expectations,” writes Greg Victor for  Syndicated UK radio host Bryan Chalker adds, “This is a masterful exercise in progressive Bluegrass that retains the very essence of the genre.”

IBMA members wishing to vote for NewTown in the Emerging Artist category can do so until 5 p.m. CT July 8.  To access the ballot, click HERE.



Founded in 2009, NewTown made the national spotlight with the 2013 album, TIME MACHINE, and the #1 Bluegrass Today single, “All I Was to You.”  The group has gained a strong following playing festivals throughout the U.S., and sharing bills with Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, John Cowan Band and more.  The group has appeared several times at the legendary Station Inn in Nashville, and twice performed at IBMA World of Bluegrass showcases in Raleigh, North Carolina.  In addition to Penn and Williams, Travis Anderson (bass), Mitchell Cannon (mandolin) and Hayes Griffin (guitar) round out the band.  Between them, they bring Jazz, Bluegrass and Contemporary disciplines to the music, completing the diverse and textured sound that is NewTown.

Stay social with NewTown:

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Grascals’ Danny Roberts Receives Special Honor Tue, 05 Jul 2016 17:11:01 +0000 Grascals’ Danny Roberts Receives Special Honor
| July 5, 2016 | No Comments

Danny Roberts with his Blue Blazes award at the 2016 Smithville Fiddlers Convention - photo by Bill CongerThe Grascals’ mandolin ace Danny Roberts has traveled the world enjoying a wealth of musical experiences in bluegrass, but this 4th of July weekend he soaked in a couple of moments that were extra special to him at the 45th Annual Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree and Crafts Festival.

First, the two-time SPBGMA Mandolin Performer of the Year was honored with the Blue Blaze Award for “actively cultivating a love of bluegrass music.” Sierra Hull and Darrin Vincent are the past recipients.

The Smithville, TN stage is familiar turf to Roberts who cut his teeth competing at the Jamboree and similar contests as a teenager.

“It kind of hit me starting here in these competitions just how blessed I’ve been,” Roberts said in an interview with Bluegrass Today following the awards presentation and performance. “God has been so good to me beyond anything I could ever imagine.”

Prior to picking up the special trophy, though, Roberts was feeling a bit anxious, but not for himself. It was the first real show that he’s played with his talented daughter, Jaelee Roberts, 15.

“I was kind of nervous for her,” Roberts said. “She can sing. She has sung with The Grascals since she was knee high, but she was always a little more apprehensive with fiddling. She was playing a bunch of new stuff she hadn’t played.”

Jaelee Roberts, Danny Roberts, Andrea Roberts, John Bryan, and Kristin Scott Benson perform at the 2016 Smithville Fiddlers Convention - photo by Bill Conger“Getting up there with her and seeing the crowd reaction and watching her pull the fiddle playing off just great along with the vocal parts—there’s nothing like seeing your child do something like that. I’ve been fortunate enough to play all over the world. We’ve been everywhere and played with Dolly and Porter, been on the Grand Ole Opry, but still there’s nothing that means more to me than standing next to that little girl and hearing her sing and do her thing. That’s far and away above anything else.”

Roberts also was joined in a rare performance with his wife, Andrea Roberts and two Grascal bandmates, Kristin Scott Benson on banjo and vocalist/guitarist John Bryan. Before they hit the stage, another band performed that consisted of several former members of the group he co-founded, New Tradition.

“Watching those guys and seeing them watch me up there playing, I really started feeling nervous more for me than my daughter,” Roberts admits.

Returning to the Smithville Jamboree was a blast from the past for the veteran performer, who saw several musical buddies from his early days.

“Fred Duggin and I have played together forever,” he said. “We started backing each other on guitar contests when I was probably about 14, 15 maybe. We backed each other up until we started the band, New Tradition, together. “

Fred Duggin and Roy Curry with New Tradition at the 2016 Smithville Fiddlers Convention - photo by Bill Conger“When I got out of high school, I moved to Murfreesboro in 1982, and he and I opened a music store there. He’s one of my longest, oldest friends. It’s special to see him here. Roy Curry was probably one of the biggest influences on my guitar playing coming up. I wanted to be Roy. I used to try to play like him. He’s not that many years old than me, but he was that far advanced when I came along.”

“Seeing those guys out there was like old home week. All those memories come flooding back. It made me a little tense, but I still had a blast.”

The Leitchfield, KY native competed in the Smithville Jamboree, but in Roberts’ day he had the added challenge of going up against more experienced musicians.

“I had to get in against the big guys from the get go,” Roberts said. “Having the competition for the kids to where they can compete against each other instead of having to battle against grown-ups, it’s invaluable for what it can do. My daughter, I think, was 5 the first time she played here. She’s placed in every competition. She’s won the singing here before. To have the experience to get on stage, it’s just amazing.”

Danny Roberts, Smithville promoters Jack Burton and Rob Ramsey, John Bryan, Kristin Scott Benson, Jaelee Roberts, and Andrea Roberts at the 2016 Smithville Fiddlers Convention - photo by Bill CongerAs Roberts’ skills progressed, his band at the time, New Tradition, had great success in the competitions and was asked to play for the dancers.

“Now, most of these dancers out here are their kids,” Roberts said. “It’s like a big family. It’s a culture down here that grows and spreads. It’s very neat to be able to give kids something to do besides play video games,” he says with a laugh.

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Flatt Lonesome Ascends The Throne: Award-winning band records epic theme Thu, 21 Apr 2016 20:48:17 +0000 flatt-lonesome-game-of-thrones-PRNashville, TENN — The country’s hottest young bluegrass band has recorded a masterful acoustic rendition of one of today’s most well-known themes. Flatt Lonesome, in cooperation with Mountain Home Music Company and SiriusXM Radio, has just released a bluegrass version of the main theme from the wildly popular HBO series, Game of Thrones

The *IBMA’s 2014 Emerging Artist of the year winning band was hand-picked by the staff of the SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction channel to record the theme. Arranged by Tim Surrett of the band Balsam Range, the song was recorded at the studio of Mountain Home in Arden. NC. Flatt Lonesome is signed to the Mountain Home label. The band also performed the theme live at the SiriusXM Music City Theater in Nashville and a video of that performance is available online.
The epic instrumental receives a treatment that moves from the familiar 3/4 tempo that fans of the show know so well, into a rousing 4/4 romp that only an outstanding, top-flight bluegrass outfit like Flatt Lonesome can Render.
To celebrate the highly-anticipated premiere of Season 6 of the television series, SiriusXM will feature the recording on Bluegrass Junction, Channel 61, which can be heard across North America. In addition, SiriusXM has posted the video of Flatt Lonesome’s performance on its YouTube channel. The project is being promoted on as well as on its Facebook and Twitter sites.




*International Bluegrass Music Association

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Kristy Cox set to release new album Mon, 07 Mar 2016 15:56:21 +0000 Nashville, TENN) — Multi-award winning artist and Australian native, Kristy Cox proves that powerful and meaningful music is truly a part of her with every note of every song.

Part of Me, Kristy’s second release for Pisgah Ridge Records, (an imprint of the Crossroads Label Group), is packed with emotional songs sung from the heart, and delivered by a true vocal powerhouse.

Straight ahead, driving bluegrass cuts like the fast moving “Another Weary Mile,” the heart breaking ballad “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore,” paint emotive visuals, as does the booze drenched bar room story “Little White Whiskey Lies.” A tribute to the long lasting love shared by Kristy’s own mother and father comes to life in “Young Love Never Grows Old.” Kristy is a rising talent on an ever-stronger foundation.

Produced by award winning Nashville-based songwriter Jerry Salley, Part of Me, features interesting arrangements that often take unexpected turns, with a unique mixture of veteran, award-winning players, all in support of Cox’s amazing vocal performance. Kristy’s heart is Bluegrass through and through, and Part of Me shows a part of her that has quickly established her in a noteworthy place in today’s international bluegrass scene.

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The Boxcars Set to Release New Album Thu, 03 Mar 2016 21:39:37 +0000 (NASHVILLE, TENN) — Both familiar and new, Familiar With The Ground is the intense latest release from The Boxcars.

Every time The Boxcars open their cases, a clinic on how to play Bluegrass music ensues. The two-time IBMA Bluegrass Instrumental Band of the Year has achieved a level of musicianship that sets a standard in the genre. They have a knack for merging the power of traditional Bluegrass with an updated style that draws in new fans.

Familiar With the Ground exemplifies a band that embodies the definition of “super-pickers.” Top tier singers and musicians that have used their talents to craft a weighty album that is clever, complex, melancholy and profound.

The lead off track “Lungs,”an unlikely cover of the darkly poetic Towns Van Zandt ballad, is brought to new life by lead vocalist Keith Garrett. A singer’s singer, Garrett’s range and powerful tone give The Boxcars a distinctive sound that is carried throughout the album and especially shines on the title track, “Familiar With the Ground,” written by Garrett.

Sharing lead vocal is eleven-time IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year, Adam Steffey, whose sorrow-drenched baritone perfectly fits the subjects of the tracks he handles; “Raised on Pain,” “Cold Hard Truth,” and the murder/outlaw themed “Marshallville.” Familiar too is the lead singing of award winning banjo and fiddle master, Ron Stewart on his own composition, “Branchville Line.” The entire album is rounded out by the exceptional harmonies of the group.

Familiar with the Ground sees the addition of newcomer, Gary Hultman, who matches his more experienced band mates with resonator guitar playing that is as exciting as it is tasteful. Add that to the perfect timing and tone of bass man, Harold Nixon, and the previous “super-picker” claim holds true.

Fans are already familiar with the masterful performances of The Boxcars and will be astounded, yet again. “I’m Dreaming of You” fulfills the requirement for upbeat, straight ahead traditional songs as does the 150-beats-per-minute moonshiner tale, “Brown Hill” that together close out the 11-track collection.

If the ground is Bluegrass perfection, The Boxcars are familiar with it. If the ground is life pouring out of the hollers, The Boxcars are familiar with it. Whatever ground you’re digging in, the Boxcars have the tools.

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Lonesome River Band is Bridging the Tradition Wed, 17 Feb 2016 20:32:56 +0000 Lonesome River Band had been established for nearly a decade when the band released its landmark album, Carrying the Tradition, in 1991. The critically acclaimed project ushered in a new era for Bluegrass by acknowledging tradition while introducing new elements that expanded the genre.

Now, 25 years later, this award-winning band is again set to build on the familiar while adding bold progressiveness to its legend with, Bridging the Tradition (Mountain Home Music Company), which is releasing worldwide on March 18, 2016 and available for pre-order now at iTunes, Amazon, and 7digital.

The new album contains the familiar LRB groove but offers Grass versions of Country songs. The band covers the popular Waylon Jennings hit, “Rose In Paradise,” making the tune all its own. A progressive and spooky rendition of the Old Time ballad, “Boats Up The River,” is rendered with the familiar sound that LRB has perfected over the past quarter century, as is the working class anthem, “Real People.”

Driving, in-the-pocket power Bluegrass is here as well. The Carter Stanley classic, “Rock Bottom,” lives alongside the commanding, “Swinging Bridge.” Both are examples of the finest Traditional Bluegrass being recorded today.

Bridging the Tradition is both familiar and progressive, with each track receiving just the right treatment. Some arrangements include the addition of masterful session drummer, Tony Creasman, who adds percussion in the most tasteful way to complement the rhythmic pulse that is a hallmark of the LRB sound.

“This album is different than anything we’ve ever done,” says multi-award winning banjo player, Sammy Shelor. “The songs are ones that we are really personally interested in doing. What we came up with has once again helped to recreate our sound. All the while, we are being true to ourselves as musicians.”

Lonesome River Band is continuing to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of Bluegrass and Acoustic Country music. With Bridging the Tradition, the band once again delivers incredible, ground-breaking music that is rooted in the tradition it began decades ago.

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