DoyleLawsonRoadsTravelBigCov“‘Roads Well Traveled’ is a musical journey of stories told in melody about the realities of life. I always look for good stories and melodies and I feel that I hit my mark in the ten songs and one instrumental presented here. Give it a listen…I hope you’ll agree.” – Doyle Lawson

Even after fifty years on the road and a recent International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame induction, Doyle Lawson is ever the innovator. He has maintained an immediately recognizable sound for decades, while always staying on the cutting edge.

His years of experience both in life and as a prolific recording artist are reflected in this emotionally complex and sophisticated “story” album. Mixing significant themes of love lost but not forgotten alongside smooth ballads and driving tempos in this release proves Lawson, once again, to be creating the future of Bluegrass.

Roads Well Traveled takes you down roads that Bluegrass music rarely travels. You might be used to the touch of lonesome, but not quite like this. There is the poignant moment where a widower says goodbye to sixty years. There is a touch of melancholy when you watch a widow waiting for her husband to take her home. And there’s the father struggling to forgive a drunk driver.

Doyle Lawson has been an inspiration to generations of musicians. Roads Well Traveled shows how the current lineup of Quicksilver inspires him. Not only are they players and singers worthy of being part of Quicksilver, but they helped engineer, mix, and master the record, and co-write several of its songs.

Roads Well Traveled will release to retail and digitally at iTunes and Amazon on March 19th.