NewTownTimeMachineBigCov“There has been a lot of talk lately about real artists having to spend 10,000 hours to hone their craft before ever setting foot on stage. Okay, then, count NewTown for about 50,000 hours and count yourself lucky if you have this recording in your hands or in your ears. Bands like NewTown are not by any means common; they’re not made every day. It takes sweat equity, passion, patience and vision.”—John E. Cowan

“Everybody has always known about what a great fiddler and singer Kati Penn-Williams is,” said producer and Pisgah Ridge A&R Director Tim Surrett. “But with this album, the musicianship of their great band, the powerful presence of Jr. Williams as a lead vocalist, and C.J. Cain’s great original songs, this band has become a true musical unit.”

“After several albums, and all that time on the road, they’ve gelled,” said Pisgah Ridge General Manager Mickey Gamble. “The chemistry just happens.”

“I am grateful for NewTown. I am grateful that they are playing music in an art form that is more concerned with creativity and honest artistry, than who is on the dying ‘hit parade.’ The beauty in the singing and playing, the depth of thoughtful, pointed, mature songwriting is what this band is about. Their ‘mission statement,’ as it is, starts with track 1 (‘All I Was To You’) and ends with track 10 (‘A Train Robbery’) Time Machine is worth every minute of your precious time.”—John E. Cowan