Chris Jones and the Night Drivers: In The Media

Barry Mazor, Wall Streat Journal

[T]his is a tight unit, instrumentally and vocally attuned, generally leaning toward the more traditional end of the bluegrass sonic spectrum … It’s a pleasure to hear.

Fervor Coulee

Front-loaded with six original songs—seldom seen in an industry still tied to the tried, tested, and true—Run Away Tonight is the bluegrass album of this summer.

Larry Stephens, Lonesome Road Review

This CD solidifies the Night Drivers spot in the pack of leading bluegrass groups. It’s a good buy.

John Curtis Goad, Bluegrass Today

[T]here’s something to be said about a band that finds a sound that fits them and consistently produces good, solid albums that embody that sound. Chris Jones & the Night Drivers is such a band. … Jones, Weisberger, Luberecki, and Stoffel have been playing together for close to a decade now, and they’ve just about got their style down to an art.

Fred Smith, Country Standard Time

“Run Away Tonight” represents one of the most consistent and smart bluegrass releases of 2015. It’s fresh, but respectful of the bluegrass tradition.

Vernell Hackett, Elmore Magazine

If the songs seem perfect for the band, it’s because most of them had the input of at least one person in the group. The musicianship of the group is without question among the best, whether recorded or live.