Easter Brothers: About

Some would call the unique style forged by The Easter Brothers “Bluegrass Gospel.” Others call it “Traditional Country Gospel.” But whichever name you choose to call it, you will have to agree that it is music in its purest form.

Their clear style of singing hearkens back to the simpler times. Their music stands out for its clarity and simplicity; it is not complicated by musical arrangements that confuse the intent of the songs’ messages of faith and inspiration.

The started performing together over sixty years ago. In 1979, the demand for their music reached a point that they had to give up their day jobs to devote their entire attention to music. Many songs written by The Easter Brothers have been recorded by other groups and have become standards. They include “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me,” “The Darkest Hour,” “They’re Holding Up The Ladder,” “He’s The Rock I’m Leaning On,” “Help Me Stand Lord,” “Jesus, You’ve Just Made My Day,” “Heart That Will Never Break Again,” “Please Don’t Tell My Daddy,” and “Hand Me Downs.”

(Excerpts adapted from an article in Singing News)