The Grascals: Media Love

The Country Note

BEFORE BREAKFAST finds the award-winning group at a career high point vocally and musically, and the record’s energy is palpable. A more relaxed pre-production approach led to “easy” song choices. The band [The Grascals] chases demons, finds salvation and dances their way through what will surely become essential listening for lovers of the Bluegrass art form.

John Goad, Bluegrass Today

I have little doubt that …And Then There’s This will be a contender for numerous awards and “Best Of” lists this year.


Bill Anderson

“I had never pictured ‘Demons’ as a bluegrass song until I heard the Grascals’ version of it. Terry’s haunting vocals and the dark, minor key instrumentation woven around them is the perfect combination. I am really proud to have my name on this record.”

BWW Broadway Music World

THE GRASCALS are among the most beloved and acclaimed bands on the bluegrass scene, The Grascals have been repeatedly honored for their work.

Larry Stephens, Lonesome Road Review

One way I measure a CD is how many tracks go on my list of “I have to learn that one.” And Then There’s This… scores high. (5-star review)