Kristy Cox: Media Love

Bluegrass Unlimited

[A] wonderful new project … Cox’s clear and pleasant voice is heard right up front and the harmony blends are tight.

John Goad, Bluegrass Today

Cox’s clear, powerful vocals are the centerpiece here, and she also proves herself an adept songwriter, co-writing half of the tracks on the album.

The G Run Review

Living for the Moment will keep you entertained for the duration with well arranged music and quality contemporary Bluegrass music throughout the entire production. Kristy Cox is sure to become a force to be reckoned with in the United States as her talents flow over from our Aussie friends into the USA.

Larry Stephens, Country Standard Time

Kristy Cox has a beautiful, clear voice. No hint of twang, no drawl or other regional inflections so many singers have. Cox has a pure voice much like Crystal Gayle, but instead of Gayle’s midwestern roots, Cox comes to us from Australia. She is an accomplished artist there, named 2013 Capital News Australian Independent Female Vocalist of the Year Award and winning several Victorian & National Country Music Awards. This outing is more acoustic country than bluegrass, but it’s music much of the bluegrass crowd can enjoy.


Kim Cheshire

It seems that as time moves on the musical genres that we’ve previously used to identify styles are breaking down, what was once dubbed country rock is now deemed mainstream country, what was once acoustic indie rock is now alt country, folk music can now be merged with electronica and called New Folk etc. Living for the Moment is another of those genre defying musical creations.